Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Vigeland Family :: Bend, OR

During my trip to Bend, I had a chance to spend a couple of hours taking photos of Kylie, Ole, Jadyn and Jake. As most of you know, Kylie is Meghan's (from this shoot) older sister - could the genetics for this extended family be any more perfect? I think not. I've known Kylie and Ole for about ten years now and have loved watching their family grown. They're the perfect partners and even better parents. I smile when their kids call me Coffey and can't wait for the day to meet their second baby boy. I love how much Jadyn looks like her daddy and how Jake is a boy of endless faces and expressions.



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Blyth Family Blog said...

These are so beautiful! I am a bit bias but so what!!
Jake makes me laugh so hard! LOVE that you captured him like that...cause it's just what he's like every day!!!

Megan, Ryan, Addi & Brady said...

Great photos. Beautiful family! Love the silly faces!

Lyndsy said...

So, So, So cute! I love the pic of the siblings together. His little face is darling! What a beautiful family!