Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching Up...

As most of my friends and family know, I've been booked fairly solid with shoots the last few weeks. Staying caught up on editing, scheduling, etc has been taking up most of my evenings and weekends...and leaves me daydreaming about not having to do my real job (today is my third anniversary at work, but who's keeping track?) I promise I'll have some new posts up here soon, but until then, here is a peek into my last few weekends.

Cathy-vintage - blog copy

Cathy & Casey - Engagement


The Goetz Family


Graysen & Will


Baby Aubrey


The Peterson Family


The Zdenek Family


The Benzel Family


...and last, but certainly not least - one of my most favorite photos yet - gorgeous Eden


The Sievers said...

Love little baby Aubrey! That picture is great. And I love the car one too, something different.....but they really are all great!

Alexis Gradwohl said...

Is that Jenny B from Pi Phi's????

Matt and Teresa said...

I LOVE the picture of Eden! So cute!

Rosellini said...

That picture of Eden is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE it!

Blyth Family Blog said...

I can't wait to see the rest!! Great post, that pic of my little Eden is fantastic! I especially love the's from Ava!

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said... all these friend. I am so proud of you! Can't wait for some more photo shoots with you as Parker gets older:)

Lindsay said...

Nice work, busy bee!

Susy Weber said...

Thanks Erin for the cutest pic of my baby yet! We love it and cant wait to see the rest.
Hope to talk soon!

Unknown said...

omg, who does Eden belong to? Gorgeous baby, and gorgeous photo!! ~Brie